Aguilar y Salas S.A. developed a macroeconomic analysis of the O&G sector

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Aguilar y Salas S.A. developed a macroeconomic analysis of the O&G sector

The price of crude oil, the victory of Trump in the US elections and the economic forecasts in Brazil will mark the path of the Oil & Gas sector, as well as the strategy of the company for 2017.

Barcelona, January, 04th of 2017 – Aguilar y Salas, company specialized in design and construction of static process equipment for the chemical, oil & gas and fertilizers’ industries, analyzes the current economic situation in Brazil and the growth forecasts for this year. Since 2010, Aguilar y Salas has facilities in the region of Suape, Recife, at the northeast of the country, producing equipment and high-quality components for different industrial sectors.

At macroeconomic level 2017 will be a year marked by the rising trend of the price of the crude oil. Last November, the OPEC agreed to limit the daily crude oil production to 32,5 million barrels, and as a consequence the price of the barrel Brent increased this way the price of the barrel Brent up to the US$50$ for barrel. During the next year, experts estimate that it will keep on rising, reaching the US$55$ for crude oil barrel.

In the United States, the victory of Donald Trump in the elections to the presidency of The White House, produced an appreciation of the dollar to the 1,04077 US$/Eur. In 2017, according to the forecasts of analysts from around the world, it can reach parity with the euro. For Aguilar y Salas S.A. this fact implies an increase in competitiveness in the exports of the company from Spain and Brazil.

As for the Brazilian market, analysts are expecting a revival of the economy. After Dilma Rousseff was dismissed of the Presidency of the South American country, a stabilization and new investment are expected at the Oil&Gas business and the chemical industry. Last year the BRL the exchange rate stabilized has become stable in 3,5BRL/Eur. after the appreciation initiated in February, 2016.

"For 2017, we will find a more stable economic outlook that will allow us to continue to grow in South America. We hope to have a greater activity in Brazil, as well as in Chile and in the border countries. Aguilar y Salas S.A. will continue betting on market diversification and the investment of resources in the growing paper industry and fertilizer", says Manuel Salas, CEO of Aguilar y Salas S.A.

During the year 2016, the company kept on consolidating its presence in the South American market, achieving diverse certificates for the manufacture and repair of teams on a global scale in its Brazilian head office. Shortly the company will announce its turnover, although one waits for a sales increase for the next year, thanks to very prosperous international economic conditions.

About Aguilar y Salas:

Aguilar y Salas S.A. is a family leading company in the design and construction of equipment in high and medium pressure, manufactured with special materials and alloys. Since 1947, the company has developed its activity in Spain, being their export capacity the key of its success. More than 90 percent of their annual billing is sold worldwide. Recently the company has opened a new production unit in Recife (Brazil) with an investment of more than 22 million Euros.

Nowadays, Aguilar y Salas S.A employs more than 200 people and has a turnover of more than 30 million Euros.

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