The Group Aguilar y Salas has been awarded the ASME U and U2 stamps for the manufacture and repair of equipment in Brazil

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The Group Aguilar y Salas has been awarded the ASME U and U2 stamps for the manufacture and repair of equipment in Brazil

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ stamp certifies that the equipment complies with the ASME regulations for boilers and pressure equipment.

Barcelona, October, 10, 2016 – Aguilar y Salas S.A, leader in design and construction of static process equipment for the chemical, Oil & Gas, and fertilizers industries, announces that has been awarded with the ASME U and U2 stamps. These certificates guarantee that their equipment manufactured in Brazil workshop reaches the standards for maximum quality and durability for products such as pressure vessels, shell & tube heat exchangers, columns, etc. The same certification has already been awarded to Aguilar y Salas for its equipment manufactured at their workshop in Barcelona, Spain.

“Aguilar y Salas, S.A. is a company committed to safety and compliance with international legislation. The obtention of the U and U2 ASME stamps reinforces the good work and safety policies implemented in the manufacturing process of the pressure vessels", explains Manuel Salas, Aguilar y Salas, S.A. CEO.

ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is an international association of professionals founded in the late 19th century which has created a global code of standards used for design, construction, inspection and testing of a variety of equipment.

For Aguilar y Salas, the obtention of these certificates represents the consolidation of the company in the Americas, increasing its presence globally. Aguilar y Salas, S.A. recently published its 2015 turnover, which reflects Brazil business high level of internationalization. Brazil turnover was increased from 4 million BRL to 21 million BRL, and growth is expected to continue.

About Aguilar y Salas:

Aguilar y Salas S.A. is a family leading company in the design and construction of equipment in high and medium pressure, manufactured with special materials and alloys. Since 1947, the company has developed its activity in Spain, being their export capacity the key of its success. More than 90 percent of their annual billing is sold worldwide. Recently the company has opened a new production unit in Recife (Brazil) with an investment of more than 22 million Euros.

Nowadays, Aguilar y Salas S.A employs more than 200 people and has a turnover of more than 30 million Euros.

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