BlaNZ Trading: New Company with an Innovative Approach to Product Distribution and Promotion

17/10/2019 – BlaNZ Trading reaches the market as a solution to companies that wish to successfully market their products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, in a changing scenario marked by online sales. The newly created company has the experience of its filial, BlaNZ Marketing & PR Agency, which has more than 13 years of experience in communication, marketing and sales, as well as the positioning of hundreds of products and brands.

“The trading company of the future, must be completely linked to new technologies and know how to integrate promotional actions and new trends to the changing Internet scenario and online sales. The distribution of a product is marked by 24x7 total accessibility and customer reconditioning, with traditional shopping habits, to points of sale. The evangelization about the product, united with the ability to send qualified traffic, whether online or in person to the points of sale, will mark the future of the distribution. A sector that, in addition, must meet the demands of the hyperconnected customers of our current society, who from time to time leave the comfort of their homes to buy idle. Likewise, the points of sale should specialize in creating shopping experiences in their stores that encourage repetition. This approach with a view to the final consumer will mark our distribution strategy for the brands we sell”, says Rafaela Almeida, founding partner of BlaNZ Trading.

The company recently announced the incorporation of Valentis Group, a Polish multinational in the pharmaceutical sector that leads sales in pharmacies in Poland. Apart from this sector, BlaNZ trading will focus on the commercialization of high-end technology products from Asian companies.
BlaNZ Trading is a registered trademark of BlaNZ Distribution and Trade Marketing, S.L

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