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BlaNZ Marketing & PR is a company specializing in the launch of products both the Spanish market as well as Portuguese with more than 10 years of experience.

Our mission focuses on highlighting in a simple and intelligible way the qualities of a product or service so that the message reaches its target audience.

Given the saturation of information and visual impressions we receive daily, it is imperative to achieve surprise readers and specialized press information current, innovative, fresh and quality.

Therefore all these elements make the presentation of your product is impeccable and get the success that you want.

Press Office

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The communication offices are a department that is responsible for controlling, analyse, execute and disseminate actions of communication and marketing of the company both journalistic and business kind, to give a good global image of the culture of the business. The aim is to establish a communication strategy for 360º and their corresponding actions.

In addition, it is also responsible as communication agency of internal and external communication of the company to have a positive effect on public opinion and eliminating anything unwanted.

In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we contact and organize the communication offices to cover the needs of our clients and to fulfil its objectives.

Calls and Press Releases to media interest

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In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we have an extensive portfolio of media in public interest in which we disseminate announcements and press releases for our customers to announce and to inform the consumers about its products and this way, that these should obtain awareness and knowledge between the different publics.

Organizing events and Press conferences

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Do you want to organize an event and don’t know how?

In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we take care about the organization and execute your event either in fairs, congress, booking spaces, design and send the invitations, equipment hire and everything necessary to make your event a success.

In addition, thanks to our extensive portfolio of media we get in touch with them and organise press conferences to be able to disseminate information of interest that the company wants to communicate.

Public Relations

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The Public Relations department is the responsible for manage the communication between the company and the society aiming to create a positive impression of the organisation.

That is because in BlaNZ & PR we have the most advanced technics and tools to achieve a correct development of the communication and get the best results.

Product show off

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We know that the presentation of a product is important for companies because depends on this moment that our potential clients can have a good impressions of it. That is why in BlaNZ Marketing & PR we are responsible to realize the best product show off for our clients and highlight each product to attract future consumers.

Management of product samples

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In BLaNZ Marketing & PR we want to achieve the maximum diffusion of the products of our clients, we will be in charge to send the product samples to every user or media who can talk about them.

E-business consulting/ Inbound Marketing

In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we're known for being the last in terms of trends emerging in the market, so we use the methodology of Inbound Marketing. This aims to give response to the behaviour of consumers, and is based on five keys that will help us to give them a better experience and better results:

  • Traffic attraction through different online media.
  • The conversion of all web traffic in a database.
  • Marketing automation through specific tools.
  • Loyalty and customer care.
  • Synchronization of all the skills to obtain the established goals.
Online Marketing campaign

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Currently the concept of Marketing has changed significantly due to the evolution experienced by the sector of new technologies, it is no longer enough to have a simple HTML that works as an online catalogue of our products. In addition to having this online cover letter, we should structure it and make it friendly to the search engines to get a natural positioning and ranking No. 1 with the criteria that define our brand.

In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we establish personalized and segmented strategies using the best tools, both from the simplicity of Buzz Marketing to encourage Viral Marketing, so our customers can give to know the product or service in order to get the maximum profitability for all of their online actions and which become prescribing its products.

Web positioning (SEO, SEM, Adwords)

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Today the search engine optimization is a very important factor to be taken into account by companies, since the majority of consumers consult and use the Internet and its search engines.

Therefore in BlaNZ Marketing & PR we have a series of tools to help companies and businesses to get a good web positioning using Adwords, SEO and SEM campaigns from the purchase of key words.

Social Media Marketing

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The Social Media Marketing is a strategy that combines the online marketing objectives with the current social media such as blogs, social networking, microblogging and more.
With this we are able to:

  • Generate traffic to our website.
  • Increase the visibility.
  • Receive feedback from our costumers and potential buyers.
  • Protect our brand and improve our reputation.
  • Better knowledge of the market.
  • Reduction in marketing expenses.
  • To reach our target audience with generation of leads.
  • Increase sales.
  • One of the advantages that it gives us is the to be able to interact with our users and get feedback, since that was how we communicate with a greater number of consumers and we cover a large sector of the market potential.

    In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we manage social profiles and design strategies to achieve optimal results from a Community Manager who creates the content, manages the views and invigorates one or several Internet communities.

Web and App development

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Internet is one of the most largest and efficient window available to the companies. For this reason, it is essential that any business that wants to be to know and communicate with the world is present in it.

In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we have a team of web development and mobile applications to serve our clients to design in the most efficient and effective way a customized portal for each one of them.

Blogger outreach

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Many companies have the strategy of working with online influencers as bloggers to build online brand Ambassador who will promote new products, win mentions and the attention of new costumers.

In BLaNZ Marketing & PR we have an extensive networking of bloggers from different categories and areas that can help companies in their campaigns, which will get to know their product to a multitude of users.

Online reputation

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On the Internet are post millions of information, press releases or reviews that talk about companies, products, services and other. Knowledge and monitoring of information, which affects the companies, is part of what is called online reputation.

BLaNZ Marketing & PR will collect and follow with criterion all the information related to our customers and see if it affects his reputation in a positive or negative way and we solve to solve all those problems that may arise.

Mobile marketing

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Due to the boom in mobile telephony and the great opportunities that have, as the acquisition and retention of customers, it is essential to redefine and create new relationships with our mobile customers to get good results.

In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we are committed to the Mobile Marketing which allows us to communicate with our potential customers through any mobile device from a series of techniques and formats to promote products and services through this channel.

Advertising campaigns

BlaNZ Marketing & PR is characterized by the creation of advertising campaigns customized for each of our customers, adapting each strategy needs and carrying out actions that can meet the objectives successfully.

For this reason, we offer communication campaigns of 360 ° covering all the aspects to take into account and leading companies to achieve the desired end.

Creative design

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The factor visual is very important to keep in mind especially when we want to advertise a product or service, as it is the aid to the attraction of potential consumers.

BlaNZ Marketing & PR will design and make creative actions and strategies so that our customers give a good image and can attract to future consumers.


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The naming is part in the process of creation of corporate or Brand identity, is the first step so that the company and the products or services differentiate from your competition.

BlaNZ Marketing & PR is responsible for the selection process of the company’s name which will perfectly suits her and assigned these distinctive features of your competition.


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"Branding is everything that one does to connect business with the customer experience strategy and make it experience and loyalty".

In BlaNZ Marketing & PR, we focus on the process of building a brand taking into account all aspects, from the development of corporate identity, its positioning and the evolution of this market.

Purchasing advertising space

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BlaNZ Marketing & PR will purchase advertising space for the clients and guarantee a noticeable presence in the media. To do this, we select the most appropriate brackets, define the formats, follow the dates of publications and negotiate prices.

Graphic design

Graphic design is based on devising and designing messages through the image. With the advancement of technology, it has new tools that allow a more effective work and achieve a greater impact on the client.

BlaNZ Marketing & PR is available to design and projecting the requests of their customers so that they get results that want to.

Design and web development

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Actually Internet is the king of the media because every business that it not present in it can be left out of the market and not get benefits out its competitors.

That's why BlaNZ Marketing & PR defense the creation and design of web pages for each of their clients and that they reflect the personality and attributes of each brand.

Market Research

Market research is a technique that companies use to get information about the target, competition and suppliers on a product or service. This is based on different methods, both qualitative and quantitative, depending on the needs of each client.

BlaNZ Marketing & PR will select and implement the methodology appropriate to each case and achieve the desired results.

Focus group

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The focus group or discussion group is a qualitative technique that is based on the meeting of a group between 6 and 10 persons, all determined by a similar profile, in which it is present a moderator who ask questions and all discuss about a particular topic of which later the conclusions will be extracted.

In-depth interview

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The in-depth interview is a qualitative technique that focuses on the discussion between two subjects, the interviewer and the interviewee, with the help of a script of questions to talk about a particular product or service and be able to extract information of interest to the company.


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Surveys are a quantitative technique trying to draw up a questionnaire about a product or service in particular and that can be removing measurable results useful to businesses.

In company training

We know that sometimes it is complicated to combine working hours with the formation.

Therefore, BlaNZ Marketing & PR we offer the service of in-company training, that means we move to your company to help you with your education with the means necessary to carry it out. With this formation we will see first-hand what you need and we can better adapt to you and your work environment.

Crisis Management

Nowadays we live in a complicated world that is going full speed and where constant changes are produced, but within this chaos we are accustomed to live normally since we know to act effectively in difficult conditions.

So we are in BlaNZ Marketing & PR, we help you and manage crises that may arise so you don't have to worry about what happens, we will fix it.

Influencers and public figures management

Now and even more, marketing and communication strategies give more importance to the figure of the influencer, that is, those persons who have a strong presence and credibility in the social networks thanks to his knowledge on these.

BlaNZ Marketing & PR will communicate and manage all types of influencers for our customers, to promote and publicize products or services that want to. We also have a Department of Council of image for public figures in which we take care of the relationship with the media and manage crisis situations that may influence in a negative way to our customers.

Spokespeople training

In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we believe that every business needs a spokesperson that detach professionalism, enthusiasm and charisma to communicate with the media and as a result, reflecting a good image of the company. We are committed to a good training for those people who must communicate publicly and they can do it with ease and conviction.

We also have with the help of Manuel Campo Vidal, with whom we have spokespersons training projects in common.


Would you like to introduce your brand or company to the Spanish or Portuguese market and don’t know how?

In BlaNZ Marketing & PR we want to get things easy. For this reason, we offer you a total advice for successfully achieve your introduction in the Spanish and Portuguese market and the completely integration of your business in the consumer’s life.


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